From the President

Over 30 years
providing reliable and long-lasting solutions

Dear Client,
I am honoured to announce that this year, BAVIERA Steam Systems is turning 30, and we would like to share  some of our reflections with you.

When we ask ourselves which factors have contributed to gain your loyalty over the past years, our motto for "making quality" comes to mind, in alignment with our corporate values:

    Since our inception we have considered our clients as our partners; every project we propose has been guided with an attitude of honesty, integrity and compromise. Our service to our clients forms the backbone of our design.
    In the field of steam engineering, we have always considered ourselves specifically as corrugated steam engineers. Even when the benefits of our systems could be broadly extended to other industries, we have always prioritized our resources for the corrugated steam engineering sector, to assure the highest quality in the long term.
    We constantly innovate and develop our systems, ensuring a stable progression that is both technologically and strategically convenient.
    Our work has given us the opportunity to supply our systems and service to over 40 countries and every continent around the globe. This vast market presence has been a constant source of experience that benefits the quality of our products and ultimately our clients.
    The service we render to our clients is the highest commitment and honor. We pursue only the highest quality of service and efficiency.
    The design of our systems, the study of our clients' needs, the solution to their problems... These issues represent inspiring challenges for which we are committed to serving with both pleasure and pride.

Our 30 years of experience in the corrugated cardboard industry have strengthened our company values and have enabled us to become the BSS team we are today: A united team of engineers, operations and logistics, quality and I+D, customer care, finance and administration. We follow the same objective: to serve our clients with the best quality.

Today, BSS has grown to almost 40 employees, bringing to life our daily adventures and working towards our future, extending and improving our offerings around the world, always being loyal to our promise of quality.

On our thirtieth anniversary, we introduce our new website with the honest intention to reflect a clear vision of our company and our products. We are looking forward to improve our communication and build on our client relationships, and warmly welcome others who are not yet our clients.

Always at your service,
Roberto Baviera