More than 40 years providing reliable and long-lasting solutions

Who we are?

BAVIERA STEAM SYSTEMS is a global supplier of steam and condensate systems for the corrugated cardboard industry.

Founded in Torrente in 1980, and with over 40 years of experience in the sector, we have established ourselves as one of the main players in the design, manufacture, and service of any type of steam system for the production of corrugated cardboard.

When we ask ourselves what factors have allowed us to enjoy the appreciation of our customers for so long, our motto comes to mind: making quality, which is built around our corporate values.

Roberto Baviera, President and founder of Baviera Steam Systems.

Our customers are our partners


We are present in
over 100 countries


More than a thousand
customers trust BSS


Over 40 years providing
the highest quality

Our keys

Technological partners

Since our beginnings, we have considered our customers as our partners; every proposed solution has been guided by principles of honesty, integrity, and commitment. The benefit of our customers is always the essential parameter in our design.

Service vocation

Service to our customers is our commitment and our honor. Our time and efficiency of response aim to the pursuit of the highest quality.

Responsible innovation

We develop and innovate our systems with the responsibility that any change must involve a solid advancement, technically sound, and strategically correct.


Our work has allowed us to supply our systems and provide our services in more than 40 countries and to be present on all continents. This extensive presence in the market is, in turn, a source of experience that we process in favor of the quality of our offer and the benefit of our customers.

Conscious specialization

Above all, we have always felt like steam engineers in the corrugated industry, rather than just engineers in steam. And even though the benefits of our systems are universal and have been proven to be effective, we have always known how to prioritize our resources and efforts in our sector, so that we can continue to offer solutions of the highest quality in the long term.


Environmental sustainability

In our company, we care about the environmental impact and seek to offer innovative solutions that allow our clients to improve their energy efficiency and reduce their fuel consumption. In this way, we not only contribute to the reduction of carbon footprint but also promote the care of the environment and the responsible use of natural resources.

Nos gusta el vapor

We love steam

The design of our systems, the study of our customer's needs, the resolution of their problems... are exciting challenges for us that we assume as a commitment, an honor, and a pleasure.

Our 30 years of experience in the corrugated industry have shaped us in these principles and have allowed us to form the team that makes up BSS with: engineers, field technicians, manufacturing, logistics, customer service, and administration. All with the same goal: to serve our customers with the highest quality.

At present, we are over 50 people making our day-to-day a reality, and we work towards our growth to offer more and better solutions worldwide, always guided by our universal motto: making quality.

On our thirtieth birthday, we present our new website that aims to better showcase our company and its products and that we hope to turn into a vector for information update and relationship with our customers, as well as a gateway for those who are not yet our customers.