Quality Policy of Baviera Steam Systems

The quality policy of BAVIERA STEAM SYSTEMS focuses on ensuring compliance with the most demanding design, production, supply, installation, start-up and technical assistance of system standards for the distribution and control of steam in the corrugated cardboard industry. Special attention is paid to the thermal transfer management, its flexibility, reliability, monitoring and traceability as well as the efficient recovery in a closed loop of the resulting condensate for optimizing energy efficiency and provide our systems with the necessary means in order to ensure our clients their preservation in excellent working and safety conditions.

Consequently, BAVIERA STEAM SYSTEMS Quality Management establishes an operative structure and effective control of the above-mentioned processes in order to guarantee their quality, complying with the current ISO 9001 standard and the European Directive for pressure vessels in their H and H1 modules, and if need be, to our clients’ additional requirements.

Our technical proposals represent the best solutions and possible improvements for our clients’ problems and demands.

The design, manufacturing, installation and performance of BAVIERA ‘s steam systems fulfill all the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to them.

We select our providers based on strict quality criteria, which consider the reliability of their products and services.

All our production process is properly documented; rigorously followed up on and subject to the corresponding inspection as according to our quality schemes.

The quality management system ensures compliance of objectives and a continuous improvement.

This quality policy is understood and applied in BAVIERA STEAM SYSTEMS and is available for the concerned parties related to our activities.

BAVIERA STEAM SYSTEMS Management, October 5th 2019