The HW11 open tank is designed to store treated water and act as a reserve for the return of atmospheric or low pressure condensate (drains, heating, etc.). This system is unique among atmospheric systems because it features thermostatic DAB degassing. It is provided with two temperature probes, one in the body of the tank and one on the external vent pipe.

The automatic control system, controlled by the CRU PLC, monitors the feeding of the conditioning steam taking both parameters into account to avoid overheating and ensure optimal degassing. All functions of the degasser are controlled by the PLC of the condensate recovery unit, including level, temperature, CRU make-up pump, and water treatment system replenishment control.

The replenishment pumps of the CRU are directly connected to this tank, which is made of stainless steel and has a volume of 10 cubic meters. It is placed on a supporting structure with a ladder and walkway for easy access to the instrumentation, and is certified CE EN1090 and compliant with CPR 305/2011. The supporting structure is painted light grey RAL 7035 (customizable at the time of order) and is marked CE according to EN1090 (CPR 305/2011) and certified anti-seismic. Additional features include a stainless steel steam diffuser, temperature control probes, a 4-20mA level measuring instrument and low level safety electrode, a manual blowdown valve, overflow bezel, a level control valve, pump interception valves, Y filters for pumps, and a 500 mm manhole for internal inspection.