Our Pressure Control Stations for Single Facer (PCVSF) are engineered to provide precise pressure regulation, even at low pressures. The station comes equipped with a manual energy-consigning valve, a strainer to protect critical components from damage, and a steam trap to prevent condensate flow into the Single Facer, ensuring maximum heat transfer and Single Facer protection.

The PCVSF  includes all necessary electronic and pneumatic hardware components, as well as an intuitive user interface for operator control. The control system can be integrated into BAVIERA's RAS system or any other SCADA system from any other supplier.

In case of major failure, the PCVSF has an emergency bypass system to ensure  production is not interrupted.

Additionally, for Single Facer steam systems using peripheral corrugating rolls, the station includes Active Differential Pressure Control, which ensures optimal differential pressure across the peripheral rolls and excellent heat transfer, resulting in no roll deformation.