Our Pressure Control Valve station is designed specifically for use with the Double Backer. It includes all the necessary equipment to ensure proper pressure regulation, even at very low pressures. Optional features include a quick decompression system for faster pressure reduction when switching between different paper grades. Each set includes a pressure transmitter, pressure controller, pressure control valve, and, if desired, a DV ON/OFF valve. The station can be controlled either locally with the BAVIERA control panel or remotely from the Control Room, with the ability to integrate the BAVIERA control system into the OEM interface. In addition to these features, the station also includes consigning manual valves, an inlet strainer, a manifold separator with a dedicated steam trap, and a supporting structure.

For enhanced performance, the system can be equipped with a secondary steam Recycling Control Valve system (RCVxY) that will reuse steam from the CRU in the four hot plate sections of the Double Backer. Each hot plate section is independently fed with either recycled secondary steam or primary steam, with the control software prioritizing the use of recycled steam. The secondary steam recycling system offers several benefits, including energy efficiency optimization and improved control quality and lifespan of PCV valves when using low pressure setpoints. Additionally, the system is equipped with a quick decompression system to speed up pressure reduction when switching between different paper grades.